Surfers Paradise Weather

Surfers Paradise weather is arguably the best in Australia. We are blessed on the Gold Coast with weather. As one of my mates always says -

"This is glorious!"

Surfers Paradise weather

Sure we have rainy days, but more often than not we have beautiful sunny days. If you experience more than three rainy days in a row you would be unlucky and your luck would be about to change...

So go out and buy a lotto ticket.

I could give you heaps of statistics about Gold Coast weather but you can find that anywhere.

Here is my opinion in a nut shell...

Gold Coast seaway

Best Gold Coast weather.

The best Gold Coast weather in my opinion is late April to early June. These months have low humidity and extremely comfortable temperatures. There is very little rain and May weather is almost always perfect.

At times the saying "beautiful one day, perfect the next" may be a slight stretch of the truth. However there are not too many places in Australia I have visited that I could honestly say the weather is consistently better than Surfers Paradise.

Because the Gold Coast is in the southern hemisphere the weather is opposite to the northern hemisphere. Therefore the seasons are opposite, strange, hey.

Surfers Paradise Summer

The summer months go from the first of December to the end of February. This is traditionally what is called the wet season. You are likely to experience daytime temperatures in the thirty's and high humidity, with frequent afternoon storms.

It is the high humidity that make many people, not used to the conditions, feel uncomfortable. However the main benefit of the summer months is it makes it perfect for swimming. Jumping into the tepid water is an excellent way to cool off.

Some of our overseas friends absolutely love the lightning and thunder storms of the summer. The storms provide great entertainment for visitors to the Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise Autumn.

As I said before these are some of my favourite months. Autumn goes from the start of March to the end of May. This is referred to as the "Brass monkey season", due to the sudden drop in temperature. Many people enjoy wine and cheese tasting in the Gold Coast hinterland and afterward relax in front of a log fire.

The days during Autumn are comfortable and extremely clear. Daytime temperatures range in the high twenty's. The weather is still warm enough to swim but cool enough to enjoy just about any activity.

The other benefit of this season is, it is mostly off peak. So most accommodation and air fares are going to be cheaper than other times during the year.

Gold Coast weather

Surfers Paradise winter.

Unless there is some cataclysmic global warming change in weather you are not going to see any snow on the Gold Coast. There may be some early morning frost on the grass, but there is virtually no rain to cause snow during the winter months.

I have many clients from the southern states of Australia that love to escape to the Gold Coast for the winter due to its fabulous clear days. Cold westerly winds usually kick in around early August and last a couple of weeks, but apart from that the weather is stunning.

Surfers Paradise spring.

More outstanding weather can be expected during the spring months, (first September to the end of November). Everything begins to come to life in preparation for summer. Flowers begin to burst open and animals dance to the warmer weather.

Humpback whales that have been breeding at Hervey Bay are heading back south with their offspring. Some spectacular displays can be had on the whale watching cruises during these months.